Why More Children Should Scoot to School

An active lifestyle is suitable for kids’ bodies, brains, moods, and more. One of these methods of exercise is through the use of an exercise scooter. Pushing a simple scooter on the pavement on your way to school is an underrated routine.

Scooting comes with many health benefits, especially for kids as they learn and develop. Some of the benefits of using a scooter to school are discussed below.

Increases Core Strength

Your child can combine the fun of scooting to get around with super-charging an active lifestyle. Scooting is a form of low impact cardio – meaning it won’t strain your child’s joints. Scooting on the flat provides an opportunity for gentle aerobic exercise by increasing the heart rate. As a result, it improves strength, endurance, muscle performance, balance, and flexibility.

An increase in core strength allows your child to run faster, jump higher, and be healthier. However, you should discourage your child from scooting if they are doing it asymmetrically.

Lose Weight

Staying fit needs an insane amount of time. Scooting is the most effective way of burning calories going to school, without losing any time. According to a recent study scooting for 45 minutes burns an average of 350 calories an hour. Kick scooting burns more since more energy is required to push off the ground. This is especially helpful to kids having weight problems and those who want to sweat it out. And add weekend trips and racings with a bunch of adult scooter-riders.

However, make sure your child has the correct coordination, balance, and control to use it. Also, avoid a sharp increase in the amount of your child’s exercise to reduce the risk of injury.

Mental wellbeing

Scooting is also useful in dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and more. That’s because exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood. Scooting also increases the sensitivity of the dopamine receptors that signal reward.

Participation in regular scooting can increase your child’s self-esteem and reduce the likelihood of experiencing a period of depression. Also, increasing your child’s heart rate can reverse stress-induced brain damage. Moreover, it gives your child a sense of accomplishment as their fitness improves, and they start achieving their goals.

Strengthens Your Child’s Bones And Muscles

Strong bones and muscles protect against injury and improve balance and coordination. As people age, their bone formation rate slows down, and bone damage accelerates. Therefore, childhood, when the skeleton is growing, is the best time for building strong bones. In children, whose bodies are still growing, scooting can stimulate cells in the bones to fortify themselves.

Scooting works on bones, much like it works on muscles — it makes them stronger. Like a muscle, bone is living tissue that responds to exercise by becoming stronger. Thus, scooting is an effective way to stress the skeletal bone and stimulate remodeling. However, remember that string bones require a balanced diet that includes lean meat. Grillers from this brand can help you prepare the best meal for your child.

Improve Your Child’s Sleep

There is no doubt sleep plays a vital role in your child’s overall health and wellbeing. Sleep loss affects exercise tolerance, motivation, and mood. A good night’s sleep is one that is both long and sound. Scooting does help your child fall asleep more quickly and improves sleep quality. Furthermore, your child will be exposed to natural light, a key element in establishing a good sleep-wake cycle. This helps to increase the time spent in deep sleep, the most physically restorative sleep phase.

Along with making it easier to fall asleep and more comfortable to stay asleep, scooting improves sleep quality through increasing energy consumption. What’s more, your child may reduce his or her risk of developing troublesome sleep disorders.

Chances of Living Longer

Scooting can increase life expectancy by several years, even for children who are overweight. Studies show that scooting may limit and even reverse knee problems by helping to control weight. That’s because it can actually slow the aging process on a cellular level and potentially add more years to your child’s life.

Scooting also tends to lower blood pressure, decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Also, the risk of colon, breast, and pancreatic cancer is reduced.

Key Takeaway

Once attributed to normal aging, several diseases are now being viewed as a result of chronic inactivity. But as they say, there is no shortcut to greatness. Your child needs to engage in a variety of activities from a young age. Fortunately, scooting to school can play a unique and significant role in your child’s physical and mental fitness. Therefore, make sure to invest in the right scooter.

Electric Scooters: Everything You Need to Know

Electric Scooters: Everything You Need to Know

Electric scooters offer more benefits than fuel-reliant bikes. They are rapidly replacing other types of scooters in terms of popularity and usage.

The surge in interest in electric scooters will only get better. It is the scooter of the future, safer, less costly in terms of maintenance, and environment-friendly.

Scooter-sharing is common and has helped spark the public interest in scooters. There are hundreds of scooter models (imported mainly from Asia and home-made) for the market. The estimated global market size for electric scooters is USD 19.6 billion (2019), according to Grand View Research. Analysts expect the figure to soar in the nearest future as more people look for environment-friendly and efficient scooter options.

This article offers an in-depth overview of electric scooters.

Electric Scooters Defined

Electric scooters are a valuable means of transportation for a short commute, solving the last mile problem. The last mile problem is the last part of the trip that’s usually done by walking.

The public transportation system connects large population centers and doesn’t always drop us at our precise location. For example, if we want to get to your place of work in Queens, the public bus will drop us at the designated Queen bus stop. We still have to make the last mile work to our destination.

The scooter comes in handy at this point. It allows for micro-mobility and helps us cover the distance with less difficulty and in a faster timeframe.

Components of Electrical Scooters

All scooters consist of three essential components: two wheels, a deck, and a handlebar. The electric scooter has the following parts but differs from others with the inclusion of electronics such as battery and electric motor, a braking system, the speed controller, LED headlight and taillight, and the stem.

The typical design of almost every scooter in the market is standing while riding. Some e-scooters come with a single seat while others allow for attachment of chairs as a standalone accessory.

Safety Equipment

Every means of transportation has its inbuilt safety systems. Safety is not a matter to take trivially; accidents happen. To avoid injuries and even death, wearing the necessary safety equipment while using an electric scooter is essential.

The safety equipment includes a helmet, a protective jacket, and pants, knee and elbow pads, and gloves. The headgear should be of good quality and able to protect your head, knee, and elbows from injuries. Flame retardant cotton material is the ideal choice for the protective jacket and pants. 

Maintenance and Repairs

The maintenance of electric scooters is relatively easy to perform. Routine maintenance such as charging the battery, checking the pressure level of the tires, and regular cleaning of the machine is about the only maintenance requirement.

Repairing the electric scooter if it is an electronic problem requires the help of a competent electrical engineer or a check at the manufacturing company’s repair shops. For other issues such as broken parts, you can get a prime welder that costs next to nothing to fix it yourself or employ a professional.

Advantages of Electrical Scooters

Electric scooters are fun and fast to use. Whenever we turn, we can see an e-scooter. The popularity of e-scooters is due to several factors, such as its low cost, reliability, and convenience.

·        They Are Cost-friendly

The cost of an excellent electric scooter is under the $400 mark. Depending on the type, you can get a budget-friendly one for as low as $100.

·         Low Cost of Maintenance

The electric scooter will also cost you little in terms of maintenance compared to fuel-reliant e-scooters. It saves you the cost of buying fuel to power the vehicle.

·        They Are Environment-friendly

They do not pollute the environment and contribute to global climate change concerns. They run on electricity, a healthier energy resource.

Disadvantages of Electrical Scooters

The main disadvantage of electric scooters is that it takes a long time to charge, has lower speed compared to other means of transportation, and is not suitable for long-distance trips. 


Electric scooters are suitable for a short commute. It saves time, money, it is portable and does not require big storage space. Join the e-scoter bandwagon today to enjoy its many cool benefits.

The Good and the Bad About Hunting on a Scooter

If you are an avid hunter and you love scooters, you have a perfect combination. An electric scooter is the best for hunting as it offers more stealth and makes less noise.

With an electric scooter, you do not need an expensive ATV. For so many years, avid hunters have used ATVs to access the woods and carry the big game. Although they are efficient, especially in rough trails and in hauling the biggest elk, their size, level of noise, and smell of gasoline make them less efficient for hunting.

Again, most public lands do not allow motorized vehicles, but an electric scooter is an exception. For hunters on a budget who need an excellent ride to haul your big game, an electric scooter is an excellent choice.

Pros of Hunting on an Electric Scooter


An electric scooter is the same as an e-bike for hunting. Although not as quiet as a manual mountain bike, they are still quieter than ATVs and UTVs. This allows you to hunt stealthily, so the big game doesn’t hear you approach. With an electric scooter, it is easy to traverse terrains with no trace.

Move Fast

Moving on two wheels is faster than moving on two feet. Although an ATV might be quicker and better on rough terrain than an electric scooter, a scooter is better than walking. Using a scooter will save you so many hours of walking. Using a scooter, you can set up trail cameras in less than 30 minutes in a vast area without calling to attention the big game.

Carry More Gear

Unlike when you are walking, an electric hunting scooter lets you carry more gear either on your back or on a trailer. Be sure to buy an off-road electric scooter as it is strong enough to haul your hunting gear and your kill. With a good electric scooter and a trailer, you can haul the largest bull elk from the forest to the road.

You might need to carry a lot of gear, especially if you will be camping. When you need to hunt big game, you also need the best rifle with the best scopes, knives to quarter your elk and much more. Although the rifle and the scopes are not heavy, the weight might be unmanageable when you add then camping gear.

Move Scent-Free

Electric scooters, just like manual bikes, are scent-free. This is important as the bike will not call the big game to attend. Although you will not hunt off your bike, you will leave it somewhere, and the deer might sniff it from a distance.

Easy Public Land Access

Most public lands do not allow motorized vehicles – they are noisy and smell of gas. An electric scooter is an exception – you can get in with it and access every place you want. If you will be hunting public land, getting in and out of the land is easier and faster on a scooter.

Scooters are More Affordable Than ATVs and UTVs

An electric scooter costs way less than an ATV or UTV. Although the most advanced scooter might come close to the price of an ATV, there are still so many budget options for the avid hunter. Plus, a scooter is not only good when you hunt, but you can also use it to run errands on days you do not feel like sitting in the New York traffic.

Cons of an Electric Scooter

More Expensive than an eBike

A good off-road electric scooter costs more than an eBike. Electric bikes are almost as efficient in hunting as scooters and present all the advantages of a scooter as outlined above. So, some people would prefer a wide-tire eBike to a scooter.

The Low Profile Make them Less Suited for Rough Terrain

Even off-road scooters still have a low profile that might make it challenging for use in the rough terrain in the woods. When shopping, you need to ensure that the scooter is a bit raised to make it better at navigating in the woods. Again, pick a scooter with wide wheels as it will never disappoint you in the woods [1].

Risk of Moving Fast

The woods are never safe even when you walk. Branches and insects can get into your eyes, and you might step into a hole. The risk increases when you move at 20 miles per hour on your electric scooter with weapons on your back. To say safe, always wear a helmet and ride slowly when you do not need to ride fast.


The advantages of hunting on an electric scooter outweigh the disadvantages. Riding your scooter off-road gives you a different experience. The street scooter races are great, but have you tried a scooting on forest trails?

Even if you already have a scooter, you might want to buy another for off-road use. For hunting, a scooter with a low profile will only give you trouble. Instead, go for a wide-wheeled electric scooter with a high profile. You might also want to pick the one you can attach a trailer to haul game out of the woods.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5704112/

Must-Have Essential Skills for Every Scooter Rider

Riding a motor scooter is fun, at the same time, challenging. The fun lies when a professional rider or even a fresher uses practical skills to maneuver through the streets. The challenge lies in the fact that some of the riding occurrences might cost one’s life.

Riding a motorcycle at low speeds while avoiding traffic doesn’t give you the experience; but, swerving at high speeds defines the adventure.

Go to a busy highway and gain practical knowledge in taking an unplanned U-turn or deal with rogue road users who pose a danger to your life and that of other road users. Ride on a bumpy road to understand the difficulties in the cycling game.

Do you know how to get out of the parking lot? What of scootering on the muddy waters?

You must know how to change the settings, especially the gears to suit such environments. It’s worse when you take the scooter to the nearest car wash only to find the only water used for cleaning in the area is hard water. Can you cope with the scam and high density of such waters? It is the moment you will appreciate the value of water softeners.

Most importantly, your braking skills come in handy to sharpen your navigation journey. These essential skills give you the refresher the confidence to face rough road users with ease.

Moreover, every new scooter rider must practice them off the road to perfect the skills.

The best place is the parking lot or at the playground. The refresher course or professional training is not enough; your practice comes in handy to give you the title- professional scooter rider.

What are the essential skills a scooter rider must possess?

Clutch control

The clutch is the bridge between the gears and the brakes. Just like driving, it’s the control system that determines whether you engage the gears or the brakes where applicable. You must have noticed a rider who lurch when starting the motorcycle.

It’s due to the poor mastery of the friction zone in a clutch release. It’s a skill that you master through practice. Scooter riders must know when to engage or disengage the clutch for a smooth transition to the right gears or brakes.

The skills come in handy during the low speed or when you need instant brakes yet you are on a high-speed gear.

Walking pace riding

The best place to test whether you are an excellent scooter rider or not is in heavy traffic or roundabout or from a pedestrian crossing. Riding in such areas sharpens the understanding of your braking system as well as slow speed movement.

Riding in the countryside doesn’t equip you with these skills- its smooth with fewer traffic issues- you might find it difficult in such areas. What do you do during this time?

  • Relax and be flexible with the steering
  • Put the throttle at a constant level to maintain power supply
  • Avoid using the front brakes instead engage the rare brakes
  • Increase stability using the rare brake
  • Master the friction zone to understand when to release or hold the clutch

Quick Braking

Emergency braking is a skill that saves lives by avoiding a head-on collision with other road users. You need to use all the brakes at the same time. If not, you might swerve off the road, which might pose even higher risks of accidents.

It’s a skill that needs no second thought, or else you will fall. If you’ve decided to stop do it as fast as possible. It’s one rare moment where second thoughts don’t work. You must know when to hold the emergency brakes and still be steady.

Swerving at high speed

Naturally, in motorcycling or driving, braking at high speeds might be detrimental if you lack the skills to manage the clutch at that point. A road user might take a U-turn or change lanes without notice, yet you are motor riding at very high speeds.

Braking is not an option; similarly, hitting the vehicle is also out of the question. The only savior is swerving at that speed. What do you do to master these skills? Motorcycle driving schools never give you the chance to swerve at high speed.

You only do this on your own. Do you know it’s simple to swerve at five kph than at 30 kph? Try this in an open playground. Start with the 5kph and increase the speed as you also learn the leaning ability of your scooter.

SR and PR prevention

Away from the practical skills, Survival Response (SR), and the Panic Reflex (PR) is something you have to deal with in the scootering journey. You must not under-react; similarly, not overreact.

 Avoid personal fears and face the road challenges with ease. When faced with an abnormal issue on the road, take time to think of the best thing to do rather than grabbing all the brakes leading to mishaps. You can never jump out of the machine; all the control processes are in your hands.

Generally, scooter riding is adventurous and fun; with the skills mentioned above, you make your riding experience memorable. At the end of the day, as you flashback on events of the day, you appreciate your skillset that saved your life or made the whole experience something to look forward to all the time.

How We Protect Our Scooters From The Harsh NYC Winters

Are you a Scooterist leaving around Gotham, New York City? Are you stuck on how to ride your machine in the rugged winters?



 The moment you have the right gear; then winter is not a hindrance to your passion.

What is the right gear for riding during winter?

 Before we even look at that it is important to get the facts and figures about the Winter season in New York City, US.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; the winters last for at least three months which is from the Month of December to February. Imagine staying indoors without riding your scooter for such a long time.

The temperatures range from -2 to 5 Degrees Celsius during the winter months. Who can even imagine going out for a motorcycle ride with these extremely low temperatures?

 Almost 30 percent of the US population stays indoors; if not they plan their holidays to warmer areas just to escape the cold weather. If the later is not an option then you need to prepare your motorcycle for the upcoming events.

With these freezing levels, it is therefore important to plan your routes.

The same way you take care of your body, similarly, you also need to have the right protection for your Scooter.

For this, you need to get an expert to give you all the advice to maintain the scooter even for the warmer months. Among some of the reminders, you need to look into in this harsh weather include

  • Winter warning signs from the weatherman
  • Motorcycle winter additions and storage
  • Weather hazards within your route map
  • Damaged roads
  • Other riders using the routes

Why is it important to have protective gear in Winter Motorcycle Riding?

When we talk of the protective gear we mean- the clothing for all the body parts from head to toe. This is not an option. In fact in New York City; it is a traffic offense to ride a motorcycle without the right gear like helmet, reflector jackets, and boots among others.

It is not just for your own safety but also for the safety of other road users too.

The winter months are associated with fog and snow which limits one’s vision. Why endanger other road users just because of your ignorance?

It is therefore important, for example, to have a reflective jacket as a sign of your presence on the road. Other reasons why it is vital to have a protective gear include

  • Freedom of cycling on the streets with no fear
  • It saves one’s life
  • You avoid being on the wrong side of the law
  • Enhances one’s comfort
  • Prevents fatal road accidents

Whether you are riding on the remote parts of New York City or just within Gotham area; the following are the most important protective gear for NYC winter motorcycling

5 best clothing for winter rides in NYC

It is fun to take a ride as a group to enhance the team spirit. You will notice that you will ride longer distances than expected despite the rough winters. A scooter club will be the best organization to join to exercise your skills at this time of the year.

You will not only make friends but also learn what protective gear works for them.

The FIVE mandatory clothing for our scooters include

  1.  Helmets

The head houses the brain and that is the engine of the body. This is the body part that regulates all the body functions.

This explains the reason why you need to invest in the best helmet with the following features to protect you during an inevitable fall or accidents while on the streets with snow.

  1. Inner insulation to regulate the temperature
  2.  Transparent shield to enhance vision
  3. Rear spoiler to add a layer of shield to prevent high winds during high speeds
  4. Stylish to be fashionable on the road

A helmet comes in handy to ensure that during a fall on the sharp ice, your head remains intact. Have you watched a motorcycle accident scene and wonder how the rider survived?

 The answer all lies in the type of helmet. You do not just need a helmet, but you have to make sure that it is well-fitting to enhance your comfort. It should not be too tight or too loose.

2.      Jackets

From the head then we move to the upper part of the body. This is the part that houses most of the body organs including the lungs that are most affected by the cold weather.

You need a leather jacket but specifically with an inner warmer lining to act as an insulator against the cold temperatures.

The winter rides are only fun when you are comfortable. You need to get a well-fitting jacket with a polo neck to cover the neck. If you still feel you need a layer of warmth then a round-up shawl will serve the purpose.

A jacket is essential in winter motorcycling.

3.         Gloves

The hands are the parts that are most exposed to the cold. Moreover, this is the part that controls the motorcycle. The gloves that we recommend are also made of silicone on the outer part but woolen lining on the inner parts for warmth.

 The other main features to check when getting a glove is the

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Silicone texture to enhance grip
  • Touch screen compatibility

Why silicone material? – It has a minimal sliding effect to enhance grip during turmoil on the rough ice.

4.         Warm pants

A warm pant is a protective gear that we recommend for the lower part of the body. The issue of gender takes a center stage here. Fashion is not overlooked among our scooters. We need to see you and identify you through your sense of fashion from the pants you wear.

Warmth and comfort are paramount when it comes to the choice of the best pant for winter motorcycling. After all, a scooterist is one of the most fashionable motorcyclists known globally.

5.         Boots

Finally, we are on the legs. This covers the feet and the knees. Take note: this is what gives you the grip on the stand as you navigate. Just like driving, you need to have boots designed for motorcycling.

As you look for these parameters, you need to understand the type of material which determines the weight. Too much weight reduces your grip rate and the ability to fast navigate especially during an emergency.

It is evident that protective gear mostly involves clothing. What you need not forget as you shop around are the cleaning instructions? ( A tag at the back or side of any clothing). Manufacturers set the standard on the type of water that you need to use. Do you need soft water or hard water? In case it is soft water and you have hard water then you have options on what you to do to maintain the set standard.

Repairing a Scooter Frame Using Plasma Cutter

Repairing a Scooter Frame Using Plasma Cutter

Scooter is a renowned brand when it comes to the motorcycle. This is a machine that is known for sporting or just leisure activities. This is purely a metalwork project and you just need to have the right machine when you need to handle any of the repairs. A plasma cutter is one of the machines that is ideal when it comes to repairing a scooter frame. The main benefits of a plasma cutter to this function include:

  • It enhances the cutting speeds
  • It diminished dross
  • Increases the piercing speed
  • Removes plate warps
  • Widens the versatility

The main reason why welders will prefer to use a plasma cutter is the fact that it detects arcs and flashes. Let us look at the repair process of a motorcycle .https://bestweldinghelmet.review/plasma-cutter/ Before we even look at that, you notice that apart from the engine scooter then the frame that holds the engine is very important when it comes to the stability of the machine. You may not have control of motorcycle accidents; all you need is to make sure that once you have it then get the right tool to run all the repair processes.

All these repairs can be fixed. Before you opt to repair and fix the scooter frame you have to run a cost analysis of the best option. The damage may be too much to the extent that the money that you use to repair surpasses the cost of getting a new one. In this scenario, then there is no need for repairing unless it is the best option for you.

The repair process

First, make sure that the dents are straightened and also try and remove the rust or any other unwanted impurities that you may have on the frame. This means that you need to fill the holes or other bends. There is also the option of taking it to a recycler to get a better quality frame before you even go through the repair process.

Secondly, you need to check for any cracks that are on the frame since this is a point of weakness that may have damage to the whole scooter if you do not repair it. This is the point that you need to use the plasma cutter to cut off the crack and weld it together to have a strong frame. You also need to straighten the bends and any dents that may appear on the scooter frame. This is a delicate process and you have to use a technician to make sure that you get the right repair functions with the correct tools. In case you have a challenge with the straightening process then you can opt to get technical advice. The reason for this is the fact that you need to understand that at the end of it all, there is an engine that will be placed on the frame and it has a huge load. A weak frame is a disaster in waiting. In case you are running a scooter frame business then a plasma cutter is a must-have tool.

Scooter BlockParty NYC 2007

Scooter BlockParty NYC 2007

Well, another BlockParty is over, and it was another smashing success thanks to all of our sponsors and attendees. Can’t wait until next year!


Welcome to the Scooter BlockParty NYC 2007 information page. As always, everyone is welcome to attend this FREE event.


Like last year, all BlockParty activities will begin and end at our regular Wednesday Night Meetup location, the Brass Monkey, 55 Little West 12th Street (map & directions). The whole block will be closed to traffic, there will be food, drink, music, organized group rides, t-shirts, patches, raffles and lots of other scooter-related activities.


Saturday, June 9th:

9:00 AM: BLOCKPARTY DAY 1 BEGINS – Why wait? Show your support and pick up a BlockParty coffee-cup logo tshirt, patch and raffle tickets (available all weekend, while supplies last). NOTE: All riders must obtain free wristband and sign waiver to join any and all group rides.

9:30 AM: BREAKFAST CLUB RIDE – Ride from the Brass Monkey to Pop Diner in Queens. Ride Leads: Jason (JaysBMX00) & Big Mike (Syntax73) (duration ~2 hours) Ride experience: Moderate

11:30 AM: GROUP RIDING CLINIC – Learn how to properly ride in a group. Instructor: Herb (tispectrum) (duration ~15-20 minutes). Ride experience: Beginner

12:00PM-2:00 PM: A la carte lunch available at the Brass Monkey

1:00PM: PALISADES RIDE – Take a scenic ride from the Brass Monkey along the Palisades, stopping along the way at the Cloisters. Ride lead: Jason (JaysBMX00) and the Mini Mart Muchachos Scooter Club (duration ~3 hours) Ride experience: Moderate

1:30PM: SOUTH STREET SEAPORT RIDE – Join this slow and easy ride to South Street Seaport and back. Ride lead: Brendan (Hendon) (duration ~1.5 hours) Ride experience: Beginner

3:30 PM – RIDES LEAVE FOR BROOKLYNBRETTA – Several groups will leave for the evening festivities at Brooklynbretta on Sackett Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues in Brooklyn. Ride leads: Jonathan (Brouhaha), Johnny (CiaoNY), Herb (tispectrum) and David (Pittsy) (duration ~0.5 hours) Ride experience: Beginner

4:00 PM – BROOKLYNBRETTA BBQ – The block in front of Brooklynbretta (map & directions) will be closed to traffic for Saturday’s MAIN EVENT: a BBQ and Live music from The New LinesGLINT and Strange But Surf. (duration ~4 hours).

9:30 PM: TIMES SQUARE NIGHT RIDE – Big night ride from the Brass Monkey up the West Side and to and through Times Square. Ride Leads: BlockParty Organizers (duration ~1 hour) Ride experience: Moderate

Sunday, June 10th:

Organizing sponsors include The New York Scooter Club, The Mini Mart Muchachos Scooter Club and The Hornets (Long Island) Scooter Club.

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