Why People in New York City Are Riding Scooters?

The New York City Council recently voted to ban electric scooters from the streets. The vote was unanimous and only took one hour to pass.  Scooter rides are very popular in NYC with ridership increasing by 80% over the course of 2018. Wait times for an e-scooter can be up to 15 minutes long and riders have been seen weaving through traffic or riding on sidewalks as they try to find a spot.  The city has also observed an increase in helmetless riders since the arrival of dockless scooters which is leading many people in New York City asking “why people are riding scooters?”

Let’s take a look at why people are riding scooters to see if we can come up with some solutions!

People ride electric scooters instead of other modes of transportation like bikes or cars for different reasons such as environmental issues, less traffic on roads/highways, etc., so it makes sense why their popularity has risen recently especially when considering how convenient they are too (people can park almost anywhere unlike with a car).

Scooter-riding is on the rise as a means for commuting around cities, and there are many reasons why it’s becoming so popular among young millennials who would otherwise rely heavily upon public transit or walk long distances.  For starters, navigating congested streets during rush hour does not contribute well towards one’s patience levels nor stress reduction strategies.

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