Who are the Club organizers and what do they do?

In an effort to ensure that the Club runs smoothly we have a group of organizers who moderate the Forum and who play semi-specific roles for the Club. They are (pictured, right to left):

Johnny Cataneo, a.k.a “CiaoNY,” President
Jonathan Perkel, a.k.a. “Brouhaha,” Editorial & Marketing
David Pitts, a.k.a. “Pittsy,” Sgt-At-Arms/Brand Ambassador
Neil Barton, a.k.a. “KaptanKa0s,” Site Admin, Communications
Allison Watters, a.k.a. “aawatters,” Events & Public Relations
Theodore Crispino, a.k.a. “GateXC,” Treasurer
Herb Dershowitz, a.k.a. “tispectrum,” Vice President
Joe Grant, a.k.a. “TheDucatiKid,” Organizer Emeritus
Daniel Fry, a.k.a. “kanoa,” Whatever (not pictured)

How can I find out about upcoming Club events?

Club events will be listed on the New York Scooter Club website calendar and posted to the New York Scooter Forum. A few larger events, like our BlockParty in June, will also be emailed to the New York Scooter Club Yahoo! distribution list. Events may also be posted in other regional forums and discussion lists, however, the best way to be sure you do not miss out on a Club event is to visit the New York Scooter Forum regularly. The Forum can be found by clicking on the graphic on the right, or under the “Scooter Forum” link on the top of the page.

How can I get involved in the Club planning?

There is typically a Club planning meeting on the first Monday of every month at 7PM at the Brass Monkey (this means we can avoid talking business on Wednesday Night Ride night). The planning meeting is open to everyone and you can be as much or as little involved in Club planning as you want to be. It’s a good idea to check the schedule and the Forum to confirm the meeting is happening at it’s normal time and place before you just show up.

The Club planning meetings will be focused on planning the New York Scooter Club events. The Club is designed to be an active Club, with many events encouraged aside from just the Wednesday night activities.

The Club may plan events that are targeted at certain segments & interests of the scooter population as well as events that will be for all. This will ensure that everyone gets something from the Club. This means there will be long rides and short rides, things targeted and newbies and things targeted at oldbies, and general events such as last night were all are welcome. All of your ideas will be welcomed.

How can I get my ideas on the Club planning agenda?

We will build the monthly planning meeting agenda based on the event ideas that the community submits to us. The New York Scooter Club has set up a discussion forum called the New York Scooter Forum. Feel free to click the “Scooter Forum” link on the top of the page to propose your event idea.

Where can I get answers to my other questions?

Your best bet is to to check the New York Scooter Forum FAQ section for the answer and post a new question if what you’re looking for isn’t already there.

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