Electric Scooters: Everything You Need to Know

Electric scooters offer more benefits than fuel-reliant bikes. They are rapidly replacing other types of scooters in terms of popularity and usage.

The surge in interest in electric scooters will only get better. It is the scooter of the future, safer, less costly in terms of maintenance, and environment-friendly.

Scooter-sharing is common and has helped spark the public interest in scooters. There are hundreds of scooter models (imported mainly from Asia and home-made) for the market. The estimated global market size for electric scooters is USD 19.6 billion (2019), according to Grand View Research. Analysts expect the figure to soar in the nearest future as more people look for environment-friendly and efficient scooter options.

This article offers an in-depth overview of electric scooters.

Electric Scooters Defined

Electric scooters are a valuable means of transportation for a short commute, solving the last mile problem. The last mile problem is the last part of the trip that’s usually done by walking.

The public transportation system connects large population centers and doesn’t always drop us at our precise location. For example, if we want to get to your place of work in Queens, the public bus will drop us at the designated Queen bus stop. We still have to make the last mile work to our destination.

The scooter comes in handy at this point. It allows for micro-mobility and helps us cover the distance with less difficulty and in a faster timeframe.

Components of Electrical Scooters

All scooters consist of three essential components: two wheels, a deck, and a handlebar. The electric scooter has the following parts but differs from others with the inclusion of electronics such as battery and electric motor, a braking system, the speed controller, LED headlight and taillight, and the stem.

The typical design of almost every scooter in the market is standing while riding. Some e-scooters come with a single seat while others allow for attachment of chairs as a standalone accessory.

Safety Equipment

Every means of transportation has its inbuilt safety systems. Safety is not a matter to take trivially; accidents happen. To avoid injuries and even death, wearing the necessary safety equipment while using an electric scooter is essential.

The safety equipment includes a helmet, a protective jacket, and pants, knee and elbow pads, and gloves. The headgear should be of good quality and able to protect your head, knee, and elbows from injuries. Flame retardant cotton material is the ideal choice for the protective jacket and pants. 

Maintenance and Repairs

The maintenance of electric scooters is relatively easy to perform. Routine maintenance such as charging the battery, checking the pressure level of the tires, and regular cleaning of the machine is about the only maintenance requirement.

Repairing the electric scooter if it is an electronic problem requires the help of a competent electrical engineer or a check at the manufacturing company’s repair shops. For other issues such as broken parts, you can get a prime welder that costs next to nothing to fix it yourself or employ a professional.

Advantages of Electrical Scooters

Electric scooters are fun and fast to use. Whenever we turn, we can see an e-scooter. The popularity of e-scooters is due to several factors, such as its low cost, reliability, and convenience.

·        They Are Cost-friendly

The cost of an excellent electric scooter is under the $400 mark. Depending on the type, you can get a budget-friendly one for as low as $100.

·         Low Cost of Maintenance

The electric scooter will also cost you little in terms of maintenance compared to fuel-reliant e-scooters. It saves you the cost of buying fuel to power the vehicle.

·        They Are Environment-friendly

They do not pollute the environment and contribute to global climate change concerns. They run on electricity, a healthier energy resource.

Disadvantages of Electrical Scooters

The main disadvantage of electric scooters is that it takes a long time to charge, has lower speed compared to other means of transportation, and is not suitable for long-distance trips. 


Electric scooters are suitable for a short commute. It saves time, money, it is portable and does not require big storage space. Join the e-scoter bandwagon today to enjoy its many cool benefits.

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