The New York Scooter Club was founded in 2005 for scooterists in New York that enjoys the exhilarating feeling and freedom of being on a scooter. Our membership is open to anyone interested in meeting friendly people who share their love and passion for scooting. Regardless of your scooter type, we welcome all riders as the only non-exclusive scooter club in New York. So whether you’re riding a modern twist-n-go’s or vintage model scoots, feel free to join us.

Since this club was launched by some enthusiastic riders in 2005, we’ve continued to have our Wednesday Night Ride. More scooterists join our night ride every Wednesday. Thus, as long as you come with your scooter, you’ll be automatically accepted.

If this is you and you’ll enjoy sharing some moments with us, join us in one of our meetups by Wednesday at 7 pm. The location is at Brass Monkey, no 55 Little West 12th Street. We’ll be there to welcome you, so feel free to come.

Our meeting days are Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. However, we are currently not meeting regularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So call us first to confirm when we’ll be meeting.


The New York Scooter Club is a club for scooterists who love the freedom of exploring the streets of Gotham from the vantage point of our scooters.

We offer open membership to men and women who are interested in enjoying the camaraderie of a group of friendly adults who share a common passion for scooting. We’re the only non-exclusive club in New York that welcomes riders of all types of scooters; vintage model scoots as well as modern twist-n-go’s.

Our motto is: “If you have a scooter, you’re in the club!”

We officially launched as a Club in the fall of 2005, originating from a group of enthusiastic riders who continue to meet downtown for what is known as the “Wednesday Night Ride.” Each Wednesday more scooterists show up and more friendships are formed. Simply stated, as long as you show up on two-wheels and make an effort to meet some people, you are instantly accepted into the “club.”