The Good and the Bad About Hunting on a Scooter

If you are an avid hunter and you love scooters, you have a perfect combination. An electric scooter is the best for hunting as it offers more stealth and makes less noise.

With an electric scooter, you do not need an expensive ATV. For so many years, avid hunters have used ATVs to access the woods and carry the big game. Although they are efficient, especially in rough trails and in hauling the biggest elk, their size, level of noise, and smell of gasoline make them less efficient for hunting.

Again, most public lands do not allow motorized vehicles, but an electric scooter is an exception. For hunters on a budget who need an excellent ride to haul your big game, an electric scooter is an excellent choice.

Pros of Hunting on an Electric Scooter


An electric scooter is the same as an e-bike for hunting. Although not as quiet as a manual mountain bike, they are still quieter than ATVs and UTVs. This allows you to hunt stealthily, so the big game doesn’t hear you approach. With an electric scooter, it is easy to traverse terrains with no trace.

Move Fast

Moving on two wheels is faster than moving on two feet. Although an ATV might be quicker and better on rough terrain than an electric scooter, a scooter is better than walking. Using a scooter will save you so many hours of walking. Using a scooter, you can set up trail cameras in less than 30 minutes in a vast area without calling to attention the big game.

Carry More Gear

Unlike when you are walking, an electric hunting scooter lets you carry more gear either on your back or on a trailer. Be sure to buy an off-road electric scooter as it is strong enough to haul your hunting gear and your kill. With a good electric scooter and a trailer, you can haul the largest bull elk from the forest to the road.

You might need to carry a lot of gear, especially if you will be camping. When you need to hunt big game, you also need the best rifle with the best scopes, knives to quarter your elk and much more. Although the rifle and the scopes are not heavy, the weight might be unmanageable when you add then camping gear.

Move Scent-Free

Electric scooters, just like manual bikes, are scent-free. This is important as the bike will not call the big game to attend. Although you will not hunt off your bike, you will leave it somewhere, and the deer might sniff it from a distance.

Easy Public Land Access

Most public lands do not allow motorized vehicles – they are noisy and smell of gas. An electric scooter is an exception – you can get in with it and access every place you want. If you will be hunting public land, getting in and out of the land is easier and faster on a scooter.

Scooters are More Affordable Than ATVs and UTVs

An electric scooter costs way less than an ATV or UTV. Although the most advanced scooter might come close to the price of an ATV, there are still so many budget options for the avid hunter. Plus, a scooter is not only good when you hunt, but you can also use it to run errands on days you do not feel like sitting in the New York traffic.

Cons of an Electric Scooter

More Expensive than an eBike

A good off-road electric scooter costs more than an eBike. Electric bikes are almost as efficient in hunting as scooters and present all the advantages of a scooter as outlined above. So, some people would prefer a wide-tire eBike to a scooter.

The Low Profile Make them Less Suited for Rough Terrain

Even off-road scooters still have a low profile that might make it challenging for use in the rough terrain in the woods. When shopping, you need to ensure that the scooter is a bit raised to make it better at navigating in the woods. Again, pick a scooter with wide wheels as it will never disappoint you in the woods [1].

Risk of Moving Fast

The woods are never safe even when you walk. Branches and insects can get into your eyes, and you might step into a hole. The risk increases when you move at 20 miles per hour on your electric scooter with weapons on your back. To say safe, always wear a helmet and ride slowly when you do not need to ride fast.


The advantages of hunting on an electric scooter outweigh the disadvantages. Riding your scooter off-road gives you a different experience. The street scooter races are great, but have you tried a scooting on forest trails?

Even if you already have a scooter, you might want to buy another for off-road use. For hunting, a scooter with a low profile will only give you trouble. Instead, go for a wide-wheeled electric scooter with a high profile. You might also want to pick the one you can attach a trailer to haul game out of the woods.